3 Dots RedThe WBPI Advantage

  • Competitive Premiums

    Relying on a single insurance carrier can leave you without options when there’s a big jump in premium or a surprise non-renewal.  By leveraging our program’s volume, we form partnerships with “A” rated, admitted carriers exclusive to WBPI.  Multiple carriers create competition within our own program and ensures there’s always a quality carrier available—resulting in lower premiums and greater stability.  In addition, our claims fighting techniques and carriers’ claims adjusters’ aggressive mitigation actions keep losses and premiums low year after year.
    • No premium finance charges
    • No year end audit charges
    • Significant savings for multiple locations
  • Superior Coverage

    With more than 25 years experience, we know what coverage you need and what coverage you don't.  Does your insurance policy include enough coverage for your lanes, scorers, pinsetters, and bowler seating?  You might be surprised to learn that your limits are insufficient to cover your equipment!  It's the No. 1 issue we find on bowling center policies nationwide.  If your agent isn't familiar with bowling centers, then they might not know to include extra value for your equipment--putting you at risk of a severe coinsurance penalty.  Or maybe you have too much business income coverage.  What about your umbrella policy?  Do you really need it?  Most agents will tell you yes because they're interested in the commission.  We take a different philosophy and observe that the only people who REALLY end up loving umbrella policies are attorneys!
    • "A" Rated, Admitted Carriers
    • No assault & battery exclusions
    • 2X the standard general liability limits available
    • Liquor liability included in the package
    • All risk/special form package policies
  • Claims Fighting

    Slip and fall injuries are the No. 1 paid claim in bowling—we believe they shouldn’t be.  Your insurance shouldn’t be a customer’s big pay day every time they step over the foul line and fall!  It’s called a foul line for a reason and in most states, the law is clear: bowlers accept the risks of injury when engaging in a sport for contest or pleasure.  We do everything we can to keep an incident from becoming a claim and our carriers are aggressive in denying opportunistic claims. By fighting such claims, we keep your premiums (and your blood pressure) down!
    • Fewer losses result in stable, affordable premiums
    • Don't let your insurance reward opportunistic claimants
    • We fight on your behalf against any claimant who thinks they can take advantage of you
  • Unbeatable Service

    It’s important to try to see every proprietor face-to-face at least once a year.  Nurturing relationships is the foremost key to our success!  We’re committed to providing renewal quotes 30 days in advance—there’s nothing worse than learning at the last minute that the cost of insurance has gone up dramatically and that you’re left with no where to go!  We’re obsessive about communication. We  promise you won’t ever be left in the dark or without options. Your call is important to us—if we don’t pick up, we’ll call back the same day.
    • Renewal offers 30 days in advance
    • Face-to-face contact nearly every year
    • Always available
  • Innovation

    While others think outside the box, we like to say, “we have no box!”  Our goal is to become the only insurance broker who can make you money to pay your premium! We’ve negotiated 10-15% higher revenue splits for WBPI insured-centers who do business with certain online-voucher marketing companies.  Our subsidary companies provide thermographic imaging (reimbursed by most carriers) of your bowling center’s electrical systems to discover potential fire risks.  Do you know what’s hiding inside your walls?  You’d be shocked at what we often find.  While your insurance will rebuild, you can’t afford to lose your bowlers to the competition.
    • Money making marketing programs
    • Bowling staff training and education
    • Thermographic imaging to reduce fire risk