The WBPI Training Platform

Check out the teaser video for a sneak peek at what WBPI Customers get as a free benefit!

Our claims handling & prevention training videos can keep you out of trouble and help us fight your battles!

After almost 40 years, we’ve seen everything possible go wrong inside a bowling center. WBPI Training videos cover all kinds of topics including how to maintain bowstring truss roof systems, where to place your surveillance cameras, what “idiot stickers” you need, and even what to do if you’re unfortunate enough to suffer a shooting at your center.

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The WBPI Training Platform is free to all current WBPI customers.

Here are a few examples of the types of training content you’d gain access to by becoming WBPI insured.

Is Your ATM Vulnerable? –
Smash and grab crimes can cost you a lot more than the cash inside your ATM. Learn how to reduce your risk of theft with wise ATM placement and smart cash handling.

Don’t Let a Boxing Game Knock Your Business Out – One dollar per punch seems like a good money-maker. But see why having a boxing game in your arcade just isn’t worth it.