Is your building carrying enough insurance coverage to avoid a coinsurance penalty?

Use our calculator to find out!

Whether you lease or own you building, you need to carry the proper limits!  Underinsuring the building is the No. 1 issue we find on bowling center policies nationwide.  If your agent is not familiar with the unique aspects of insuring a bowling center, they may not have included enough value to cover replacement of the lanes, scorers, and pinsetters.  Our coverage calculator uses national average reconstruction rates and industry average replacement cost numbers for equipment to help you determine if you’re fully covered!  WBPI policies include the following as part of the standard package:

  • Replacement Cost Valuation
  • All-Risk Coverage
  • Property Broadening Form
  • Defined Limit Business Income with Extra Expense Coverage
  • Included Coverage for Lanes, Scorers, Pinsetters, and Bowler Seating
  • Deductible Options of $1K, $5K, and $10K

If you lease your building and own the lanes, scorers, and pinsetters, you need to confirm that your policy includes enough coverage to replace your equipment.

Don’t underinsure!  It’s not the total loss that’ll put you out of business.
It’s the $200K kitchen fire that will leave you $80K short due to a coinsurance penalty!