General Liability

General liability insurance is the backbone of your bowling center’s insurance policy.  While most policies only carry $2M aggregate/ $1M per occurrence limits, WBPI policies have the option to include $4M aggregate/ $2M per occurrence as part of the standard package.  We developed this option as a step towards eliminating the cost and need for an umbrella policy.  In addition, all WBPI policies have these standard features:

  • All-Risk Coverage

  • Liquor Liability Options

  • No Assault & Battery Exclusions

  • No Liability Deductibles

WBPI policies are non-auditible.  While we ask for updated revenue inputs each year, no one from the insurance company is going to waste hours of your time auditing your books to try to charge you more money because you had a better than expected year!  You’ve already experienced the insurance, so why should they charge you more for something you’ve already used?

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