About Us

WBPI is longest continuously operating insurance program designed exclusively for bowling centers.  Owned by Rednil Insurance Brokers, Inc. and led by Cameron Linder,  WBPI is a multi-generational family company and has been the dominant broker of insurance for bowling centers in the Western United States for nearly 30 years.  Now writing coast to coast,  WBPI desires to be the No. 1 name in insurance for bowling centers nationwide.

As a broker servicing hundreds of bowling centers, we establish exclusive partnerships with “A” Rated, Admitted insurance companies who are motivated to earn your business.  The trail is strewn with the wreckage of insurance companies who tried to insure every center with a one-size-fits-all mentality.  By smartly structuring the program, we can keep losses in high risk sections of the country from affecting premiums in lower risk sections—creating decades long stability with the same carriers.

The key to our success is our tenacity in fighting opportunistic slip and fall claimants. We believe your insurance shouldn’t turn into a customer’s lottery winnings every time they step over the foul line and fall!  It’s called a foul line for a reason and in most states, the law is clear: bowlers accept the risks of injury when engaging in a sport for contest or pleasure.  We do everything we can to keep an incident from becoming a claim and our carriers are aggressive in denying opportunistic claims. By fighting such claims, we keep your premiums (and blood pressure) down!

These are just a few reasons WBPI has been the lead dog in the West for nearly 30 years. We’re excited to bring The WBPI Advantage to the rest of the country.

Cameron Linder, CEO


Cameron joined his father in the business after graduating from the Air Force Academy and serving 6 years as an officer, reaching the rank of Captain. During his time in the Air Force, Cameron was a top ranked program manager for multi-billion dollar defense programs. Like his father, Cameron grew up working: learning construction, automotive repair, ranch management, and public speaking skills. Cameron established his first business when he was only 9 years old; selling thousands of pounds of pistachios each year until he became a sophomore at the Academy. In 2017 Cameron purchased his father’s business and has continued to grow the program, now serving more than 300 bowling centers in 30 different states.